Social streaming for music lovers


It's 2023. Why are music shows on the internet still such lonely places?CastRooms is social streaming for music lovers. Powered by people. With the energy, togetherness and joy that comes from faces, bodies and smiles.

Feel the energy of the crowd

This is social streaming. Everyone has their camera on. We know it sounds weird, but trust us, it's magical. You'll lose yourself in the experience.

A packed dancefloor
A raver making a heart sign

Get intimate with the artist

This is social streaming. The artist sees you - just like you see them. They respond to your energy. You'll feel a deeper connection than a traditional livestream.

Party with your friends

This is social streaming. Bring your mates! Chat with them. Dance with them. Get dressed up with them. Have a proper laugh with the people you proper love.

Two DJs playing back to back

Rock solid audio

Designed for music not gaming. Amazing sound for all genres.

Super easy to use

Available in your web browser. No software or app to install.

No music blackouts

We pay royalties to artists. No more copyright takedowns.

CastRooms is perfect for...

Friends in different places

Your dancing crew don't live down the road. Get together even if you live in different cities or countries.

Pre-drinks and after-parties

Perfect for putting on the big TV before you head to the club. Even better at 4am when you get back.

People that don't do venues

Venues don't work for us all. Now you can go to exciting shows without putting yourself through any drama.

People who can't have a night out

Maybe you're too busy. Maybe money's tight. Maybe your kids need you there at night. We've got you.

Social streaming for music lovers

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Social streaming for music lovers


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