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Uplifting online parties that build deeper connections between people.
We bring the energy of the club to the internet.

Unique online dancefloor

Video dancefloor

See people reacting live as you drop tunes! Dial into the energy of the crowd as you build your set. Nothing else online feels like DJing at a CastRooms party.

A packed dancefloor
A raver making a heart sign

Exceptional party experience

The best online parties

We're designed for togetherness. People vibe off each other. Groups of mates dance and chat. Even if they're spread across the globe.

Rock solid audio for DJs

Unstoppable sound

No copyright takedowns because we pay rights-holders for all the music you play. Plus your set is streamed at 320kbps sound quality.

Two DJs playing back to back
A DJ playing to a club crowd

Monetisation for DJs

Worldwide ticket sales

Sell tickets and take tips. Perfect for catapulting your album launch from a local venue to reach your fans on every continent.

Coming soon...

Automatic tracklisting

We automatically detect track IDs to display in realtime at the party - and people can download the playlist after the party.

Afterparty analytics

We record your set and show you where the crowd energy peaked and dipped based on your tracks and mixes.

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Music sounds better with you


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