Music sounds better with you


Next generation livestreaming for DJs. Uplifting online parties that build deeper connections between people. No more terrible text chatrooms like it’s 1999!

Realtime feedback

DJ to a real dancefloor

See faces react when you drop a track. Tune your set to the energy of the crowd. Get instant human feedback like you do in the club.

A DJ playing to an excited crowd
A laser light show at a club

AI video editing

Pump up your livestream

Brand your stream with lightshows and FX. Transform your studio into a stunning location. Auto-remix your video stream with live dancers.

Monetisation tools

Make money from parties

Build a lineup with killer collabs. Go back-to-back with DJs anywhere in the world. Sell tickets, take tips and run the guestlist like a pro.

Two DJs playing back to back
A DJ analysing a set on a laptop

DJ analytics

Become a superstar DJ

Watch your recorded performance afterwards. Skip to the bits where the crowd went wild. Download the autogenerated tracklist.

No copyright takedowns

We automatically pay royalties to any artists you play so you don’t have to worry.

Social media integration

Promote reels from your party to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with one click.

Easy to get started

Get started with a webcam and an audio interface. Or OBS if that works for you.

Rock solid audio

320kb/s audio prioritised over everything else so the beat don't stop.

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Music sounds better with you


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Music sounds better with you


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